Recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect by ED providers saves children’s lives

​We would like to invite your ED to participate in an innovative performance improvement/educational program targeting this topic— Project ECHO


What will our ED “get” for participating?

ECHO is a non-clinical application of telemedicine involving: 

1) Didactic presentations by interdisciplinary group of specialists 

2) In-depth case-based presentations by community clinicians for feedback and recommendations 

3) Access to evidence-based educational resources and a community of practice (experts and community providers learn from           one another).  

4) ECHO has improved patient outcomes in conditions ranging from Hepatitis C to pediatric mental health. 


What is the commitment from our ED to participate?

Designation of “pediatric champion(s) who will participate in ECHO meetings every XXX weeks/months. These individuals should be MD, RN, APRN or PA (however techs, SW, and others can participate). 


Additional details about the program available if you are interested or we can arrange a call to answer any questions that you and/or your ED leadership may have.  For more information, contact


A multidisciplinary PEM ECHO series launched in December 2018!

Some of the topics that were discussed during the first PEM ECHO series were Abdominal Pain, Bronchitis, Vent Management, Febrile Infants, Airway/RSI, and Seizures.

The PEM ECHO Sessions:

-  Involve a monthly one-hour on-line learning session; consisting of 15-20 min didactic + 40 min case discussion on your phone, tablet, computer

- Connect community providers in facilitated discussion/case presentations: aimed at improving  pediatric emergency care in the community.

-  Offer free CME/CEU credits

There is no cost to participation—however, in order to participate you/your team will need to commit to the following:

a)  Present a case during one session

b)  Participate in a minimum of 8/12 sessions


+ share with others who might be interested

This year's PEM Echo Series resumed September 12th and is scheduled through February 2020.


You can visit for information, as well as PowerPoint slides, meeting recordings, and handouts related to each topic.