What is the Always Ready for Children (ARC) Program?

  • A program that aims to improve pediatric readiness of all EDs in CT through the development of a community of practice involving pediatric champions from CT EDs.

  • All CT EDs can achieve ANY of the above recognition categories- there is no requirement for pediatric specialists, in-patient care or minimum volume of patients.


  • A process to recognize pediatric improvement efforts: 

    • ARC Pediatric Engaged ED:  designated pediatric champion + readiness survey (any score)

    • ARC Pediatric Ready ED:  engaged + PRS >70%

    • ARC Pediatric Innovator ED: engaged + PRS > 80% + sharing programs with other EDs


What is the process to participate in ARC?

  1. Review ARC requirements with leadership and determine intent to participate.

  2. Complete online application + designate pediatric champion(s) + upload a signed letter of intent.

  3. Concurrent announcement of recognition status at quarterly ARC meeting- valid for three-years.  EMSC to provide plaque/info for dissemination.

  4. NOTE:  all pediatric champions will have access to community of practice resources including educational modules, policies/procedures, quality improvement modules, and safety practices.

What is a Pediatric Champion?