CTEMSC Advisory Meeting - December 2,  2019

  1. Introductions

  2. Patient Story

  3. Family Advisory Network (FAN) Update

    • Participating on the EMS PECC project with Dr. Cicero (attends conference calls and helping to design the PECC Parent Tool

    • Working with Vicki to participating in EMS PEPP training beginning in 2020, both in-person and via webinar

    • Stop the Bleed Training planned in 2020 - possibly in North Haven (with CT SNAG) and Willington (SEPTO)

  4. National Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative (NPRQC) Update

    • The New England EMSC Team leaders are representative of the two children’s hospitals within Connecticut.  The team’s affiliates include 8 hospitals: 6 in Connecticut, 1 in Rhode Island and 1 in Vermont. 

    • The affiliate sites chose at least one bundle for their QI work (Weight in Kilos, Vital Sign Cards, Interfacility Transfers and Disaster).

    • The team trainers are grateful to all of the affiliate sites for all of the work and time that they are putting into the project.  They also recently recognized .

    • Springfield Hospital (in Vermont) for the phenomenal work that they are doing – on not just, but on 3 out of 4 bundles!Springfield was dubbed “Superstars!” 

    • The project started in Spring 2018 and runs until Spring 2020

5.  EMS PECC Project Update - This year the Rhode island, Connecticut and Colorado collaborative were awarded four-year funding for their project.The project will be looking at way to improve care provided to pediatric patients by EMS providers and improve outcomes, as well as best way to implement changes.  There will be representation from EMS agencies within the state of Connecticut, which include family advisory and core team members.The team is currently working on finalizing the family tool survey.Each of the state representatives from RI, CO and CT are currently working on hiring a Research Associate for the project; as well as setting up the first measurement simulation training.


6.  Sim Box Update - This low-fidelity infant simulator, comes with a booklet of 4-10 minute scenarios for training.Dr. Auerbach purchased them with grant funding and the simulators are available for hospitals and agencies. It has been very interesting to see the different areas that have requested one both domestically and internationally.  If you would like to receive one, you can request one at


7.  Pre-Hospital Updates

  • EMS Pediatric Readiness Survey begins January 2020 (5-10 minutes in length)

  • PEPP courses for professionals – still being offered (in the works: Wesleyan, Cromwell, Mystic, Killingly and potentially Norwich)

  • Simulations – we will start to work on for 2020

  • EMS PECC Academy – ECHO session began in November 2019 and will run through early Spring.They are typically held the first Thursday of the month from 7-8pm EST.


8.  ED-Related Updates

  • Final simulations for 2019: Pequot Medical Center, Griffin Hospital, Day Kimball and Milford Hospital.

  • 2020 simulations – we will soon start to schedule

  • ENPC courses – we will continue to offer seats to a few nurses

  • Pediatric Readiness surveys will start in the summer, running from June to September 2020


9.  Foundations of Pediatric Preparedness

The New England Regional Conference (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut are among the states participating) will be held March 9th from 8am-4pm at the Westin in Waltham, Massachusetts.The conference is open to EMS Administration, PECCs, ED Physician Leadership and RN Leadership; and will include simulation workshops, debriefing and hand-offs.


Save The Date: March 9th!  Pre-Registration link is:


10.  Child Abuse Support

One of our Advisory Committee members mentioned that she had a child abuse situation recently and was not sure what steps needed to be taken.She added that she did not feel there is enough information filtered down to community hospitals as to what to do when a child presents to the ED – what to look for, what to do.


There are programs to help facilitate if you suspect, or have a patient that is in this situation:

DART – Yale New Haven Health System-based program

SCAN – Connecticut Children’s Medical Center-based program


Action items:

  • Dr. Auerbach will reach out to Dr. Tiyyagura (Yale) and Dr. Nocera Kelly (CCMC) to discuss this further.

  • Cristina will include information on these programs in the monthly newsletter.