What is the Family Advisory Network:

As part of the EMSC program each state has a family advisory network to facilitate inclusion of family representatives in state EMSC programs.   FAN members contribute  in numerous ways, including, but not limited to: serving as members, chairs, and co-chairs of their state EMSC advisory committee; coordinating special community outreach projects, such as the Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) in Delaware; assisting with the development and implementation of EMSC policy objectives; and helping to plan, present, and promote educational offerings within their state. Family representatives are also involved at the national level. Several FAN members sit on the federal EMSC Strategic Planning Committee; others are involved on the EMSC Program Meeting Planning Committee. In addition, members share resources and information through the EIIC electronic updates.

How do I get involved in the FAN:

The CT EMSC Family Advisory Network (FAN) aims to have representation from parents in each the CT EMS regions.  Please contact jfusco@uks.com if you are interested in getting involved.  

What is the CT EMSC FAN doing now:We are in the early phases of planning outreach to hospital and EMS providers that involve parents perspectives/stories + education related to children with special health care needs. We are exploring innovative programs for this population such as Stop the Bleed (STB) and File of Life. We also serve as a portal to provide feedback to EDs from families. This information will help us to improve care in our state.

For information on Stop The Bleed, please check out the STB section, found on the American College of Surgeons website: https://www.facs.org

​​On the Horizon:

  • Work with EIIC to update and hyperlink FAN contact list 

  • Through FAN list reach out to state ESMC PI’S and PM’s to learn how they are working with families. Invite those who are  interested to join FAN members at in discussions on how to engage families.

  • Reconvene CT FAN members, update on national efforts

  • Work with national EMSC planning committee on how to improve FAN involvement at future meetings

  • Follow up on progress of EIF, report back

  • Increase size of group, more family/community engagement

  • Regional EMS Council Presidents & OEMS Reps, CT AAP

  • Needs assessment, ID and partnership with community providers

  • Mental health partnerships, private providers, ENPS, and schools

  • Stop the Bleed Effort

Please let us know if you have other ideas for our FAN!


Stop the Bleed