The idea of providing a pediatric “Tip of the Week” is to educate and inform our community providers on some helpful pediatric pearls and tips.  


In an effort to share information while not inundating your inboxes with too many emails, we have launched a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will include a Tip , upcoming events within the state, as well as CT-EMSC related events.   We hope you can use this information as a reference or review of pediatric information. 


If you are receiving our newsletter, please share it with your staff or post it in an area for others to read. 


Children can be some of the most delightful and yet scariest patients you will ever encounter.   


Why scary? For two reasons (1) children can’t always tell you what is wrong, (2) children may look okay when they are actually in distress because they are good at compensating.  


Please reach out to us for any of your needs or concerns. 


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